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FriendFeed Target Window Script


Here’s a quick little Greasemonkey script that addresses one of the little quirks in my FriendFeed workflow. I’ve set FriendFeed as my home page and always have it open in a Firefox window. It updates automatically, with new items appearing at the top of the page. About 95% of the time I right-click on the links in items and open them in a new window so I still have the FriendFeed home page open.

After installing several of the FriendFeed Greasemonkey scripts over at Internet Duct Tape, I finally broke down and wrote my own. This script updates all the links in the body of the page so that they open in a“content”window, rather than window where the FriendFeed page appears.

Rather than duplicate a full tutorial on Greasemonkey and FriendFeed, I’d suggest you check out the tutorial on Internet Duct Tape . Once you’ve done that, you should be able to follow the link below to install the“Target Window”script.

[ FriendFeed Target Window Script ]

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